About Vroom

Vroom helps you achieve your HR goals


Vroom helps you change your organisational structure and processes so you can achieve your HR goals, and both managers and employees feel benefitted. We provide objective advice and give you insight in the costs and benefits of potential changes. As project manager we deliver employee engagement, communication and results, on time and within budget.

Core expertise

Our core expertise is the selection and implementation of HRM systems and the organisation and implementation of payroll administration. Our change managers, project managers and specialists in HR and Payroll fill in the gaps in your management resources and expertise. They are part of a large network of professionals which guarantees quality and continuity.

From advisor to director

Vroom was founded in 1995 by Christophe Vroom based on his desire to help clients select the most appropriate HRM system as an independent consultant. Vroom has since expanded into a consultancy that takes on projects at the intersection of HR and ICT. We make your HR goals a reality. We can take an entire organisational change initiative off your hands for a pre-determined budget.

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Ruben van Geffen, Ineke Neuman
Vroom Management