International company with HQ outside NL

This is Linda. Linda is HR business partner at Highflyers Ltd, an international company with the HQ outside of the Netherlands. Linda is responsible for the HR processes and HR reporting in the Netherlands and is located in Amsterdam. Over the last years, Linda organized her local HR processes in a local system. She has working workflows for each process and is able to create the reports required by line-managers. The processes are digitalized and automated. The payroll is fed from the HR system automatically. She has not yet implemented employee self-service and manager self-service.

Situation: HQ buys global HRIS

One day, the HQ announces the ambition to harmonize all higher HR processes and introduces an global HR system for talent management, performance, recruitment and learning and development. Initially Linda is excited to work with a more sophisticated system that uses employee self-service and manager self-service. When the project furthers, it turns out that the harmonized solution, does not fully cover the Dutch process and reporting needs. It is starting to look like Highflyers’ Dutch branch will need to keep a lot of the local processes outside of the new system. Linda is scared that she will have to go back to a lot of separate processes or excel, and the pressure on her HR administrators will increase with these manual actions.

Key issues

  • Linda does not want to go against the HQ’s decision to harmonize higher HR processes
  • The global system is very good for a part of the processes, but does not fully work for some local processes.
  • How are the processes best distributed over the two systems?
  • There is a risk of double entry or even manual processes

Examples of how Vroom can help

  • Optimize their HR tech landscape
  • Identify where the cut between local and global processes is or should be
  • Help integrate both systems to prevent manual work
  • Help select a new local system, if the purpose of the local system changed with the introduction of the global system.
  • Assist with change management