Dutch company with branches in Germany, Belgium, Denmark and UK

This is Amy. Amy is HR Director for Pieterse B.V. a Dutch company with 900 employees in the Netherlands. Over the last five years, the company grew rapidly and branched out to Germany, Belgium, Denmark and the UK, with between 5-50 employees per country. Amy’s team in the Netherlands uses a local small medium enterprises (SME) HR system that was bought 5 years ago when the company was only 400 employees.

Current situation: local HR system with basic reporting and Excel and incompliance in other countries

Amy has working workflows for each process and is able to create the basic reports required by line-managers. The data for the international employees are kept in Excel and therefore there are a few manual tweaks her team has to make in the reports she gets from the system, but overall she is happy with the way things go.

One day Amy finds inconsistencies in the reports and she decides to learn more on the way these reports are created by her team. She finds out that these manual tweaks actually take her HR assistant an hour per report and are fully manual. As 4 different excel sheets have to be integrated into the reports, and the reports are always urgent, they are very prone to human error. The HR assistant is the only one that knows how to read the international reports, and this makes the process very vulnerable.

On top of that, Amy gets a letter from the German authorities, that her organisation in Germany has been incompliance with local laws.

As the contract for the HR system will expire in a year, Amy is set to find a new system that can cater for all her international HR and payroll needs.

Key issues 

  • The company outgrew their current HR system
  • International administration is kept in Excel
  • There is a risk of human error in reporting
  • There is no knowledge of the local laws and regulations in the countries outside the NL

Examples of how Vroom can help

  • Help you identify your ambition
  • Vroom can identify the best solution design for Pieterse B.V. for both HR and payroll
  • We can help select the right (combination) of systems and/or services providers to meet the company’s ambition; and
  • Implement the solution.

If required, we can also assist with contract and vendor management.