Joined forces Cloudwatch and VroomHR will create the most customer-oriented full-service Digital HR specialist in Europe

Amsterdam, 18th May 2021

Cloudwatch & VroomHR, both specialists in HR-Transformation and Digital HR, join forces and continue together as from the 18th of May. This will create the most customer-oriented full-service Digital HR specialist in Europe. ‘Together we have all the talent and skills in-house to support customers with every possible goal around optimization and digitization of’ people processes’.

The new organization employs 32 specialists, including a broad team of HR consultants in the field of HR transformation, process improvement, architecture and software selection. Additionally, the new company is a specialized implementation partner for a number of leading HR software suppliers such as Cornerstone OnDemand, Talentsoft & Smartrecruiters.

Ruben van Geffen, managing partner of VroomHR: ‘This combination not only has all the expertise to support customers with HR-transformation & change, process optimization and selection of the best software solution, now we can also carry the entire implementation and technical integration. This makes us a full-service Digital HR specialist that our customers can rely on from strategy to technical solution and everything in between. ‘

Since their foundation, both organizations have focussed on HR Technology, but there are more striking similarities. The culture and focus on the actual result for customers that both companies share delivered an appealing joint track record of more than 1,000 clients over the past 25 years. This concerns both global corporate clients, but also smaller local projects in which a difference has been made with and for HR teams.

Jochem ter Steege of Cloudwatch: ‘Our mentality and focus differentiates us from the large consultancies that also have a focus on Digital HR. We deliver so much more than consulting and project management. We are makers who always deliver the actual change together with our clients. We choose our partnerships with software vendors carefully and know all the details of these products capabilities, but never act as re-seller of licences for a specific solution. Our goal is always to independently think along with the customer about the most suitable solution for their way of working. When we deliver an implementation cycle, we do this as a product expert with our view on the HR business, not on the software. We act with the interests of our customer first ‘.

This year, both organizations will continue to work under their own names. The first focus is to further improve the service provision by having experts work together on projects. In the meantime, the teams will be integrated and will work with customers and partners to create the best possible working environment for our clients.

More information: Jochem ter Steege 06-10745519 of Ruben van Geffen 06-52481308