We know from experience that, for most organisations, the selection and implementation of HR systems is no ordinary daily activity. You may have a few specialists in-house for part of a large HR project. An external HR project coach can support your project manager.

By involving Vroom as HR coach on your HCM or HR ICT project, you can be assured of top quality results for a minimal investment.

Principle: do what you can yourself

The principle of doing what you can yourself is one that Vroom really supports. But when experience is lacking, a professional, system-, and vendor-independent HR project coach with extensive HCM and HR ICT project experience is a good option.

Our approach: fill in knowledge and expertise where needed

Vroom starts its HR project coaching where the knowledge and experience in your organisation leave off. We do this for each phase of the HR ICT project. We can, for example, evaluate the feasibility and thoroughness of plans and products, bring in broad knowledge of the market and act as sparring partner. And if necessary we can provide hands-on support.

We can help with the following topics:

  •         Assistance with making the Business Case
  •         Creation of the project initiation document (PID)
  •         Implementation strategy and change strategy
  •         Communication
  •         Functional design and Proof of Concept
  •         Establishment of framework and parameters
  •         Creation of acceptance criteria, test plans and test scripts.
  •         Extra support with Go Live.

HR coach: average 1x per week

In general the HR project coach has contact with the coachee once a week and the HR coach is provided with all the relevant project documents in order to stay up to speed on the progress.

HR project manager

If your project or initiative is too big or too specialised to be handled internally, Vroom can help. Our HR project managers have extensive experience with formulating change initiatives, roll out and implementation and, of course, creating employee engagement.

Would you like to know what we could do for you and your HR objectives? Share your story with us and we’ll provide custom advice.