HR Analytics

HR analytics is analysis to improve performance. With the right information and analysis you can understand the performance and potential of your employees and executives. It gives insight, so you can make informed decisions on HR strategy, strategic workforce planning, recruitment and talent development. You can use it to start specific HR projects to deliver more added value with your HR activities.

Attention to HR analytics delivers results. Your HR budget will be used more effectively and you’ll get better insight in the performance of your employees.

It can provide the following advantages:

  • cost savings;
  • increased turnover;
  • greater client satisfaction;
  • less waste in manufacturing and other organisational processes;
  • better insight into actual personnel costs.

HR analytics ensures you get the maximum return from your HR budget.

HR analytics in practice

If you need to work from a more “evidence-based” approach, HR analytics should be an integral part of your HR strategy. But just having analysts in the HR team isn’t enough. Having the right tools and access to a subject matter expert assure that you can use the data to build support for your choices.

Vroom offers three services in the area of HR analytics:

  • HR Analytics Workshop. Participants in the workshop gain an understanding of the possibilities, consequences, costs and benefits of HR analytics.
  • We can perform a one-time analysis. Depending on your specific question or a data dump we can give you a report with clear insights that can translate into specific HR projects or policy questions.
  • We can help you with the selection and implementation of a system or reporting tool so you can quickly get started working with HR analytics, Strategic Workforce Planning and HR Dashboards.

Would you like to know how HR analytics could help your organisation? Please contact us and we can look together at which approach would lead to the best results.