Cornerstone implementation

Cornerstone implementation

Your organization is considering a Cornerstone implementation or you have already decided to do so. Due to its comprehensive functionalities in the area of Learning Management, many organizations preceded you. If you opt for the professional guidance of Vroom during the Cornerstone implementation, you can be sure the Cornerstone software will be used optimally.


Suites for Recruiting, Learning and Core HR

In a time when talents can work everywhere it is important your company manages to commit and excite. With the use of Cornerstone, your organization can offer employees a genuine employee experience. VroomHR advises and supports during the implementation and the optimal use of the software package, making sure the potential of your people is fully utilized.

Employees pursue meaningful targets, they want to develop themselves and seek recognition. A Cornerstone implementation meets the needs of your staf. With the use of for instance the Learning Suite you can dynamically offer employees a training program based on their position and ambition.

The Cornerstone Performance Suite

The Cornerstone Performance Suite allows you to set goals within your organization and define targeted actions to enhance engagement. By arranging Succession Management you can also safeguard the succession of key positions.

No matter which components of the package fit your company best, VroomHR ensures a succesfull Cornerstone implementation. Our consultant will help define your HR ambitions and preferred way of working. Based on that we set up a roadmap with advise on the most suitable modules and functions for your situation. This is followed by the implementation, the commissioning and the maximum utilization of the software.

Cornerstone Implementation process

The process of a Cornerstone implementatie

  • VroomHR translates your ambitions to concrete needs and wishes. We do this by, among others, mapping your organizational culture, the different functions and possible distribution across countries. Together with your communication department we notify that changes are coming and make sure people get a positive feeling.
  • With the use of the Agile Scrum methodology, VroomHR ensures a swift Cornerstone Implementation. Due to a best practice setup of Cornerstone short term results are shown and validated with a sprint demo.
  • After this sprint demo, the Cornerstone setup is completed by processing the feedback from the sprint demo, completing the work and finetuning the setup.
  • Subsequently, VroomHR imports all data from your organization and removes outdated and redundant information. Possible connections (to for instance Payroll) are set up and tested.
  • VroomHR concludes the Cornerstone implementation with courses, making your organization ready to work with the system.

VroomHR as project and change manager

VroomHR offers more than just certified Cornerstone consultants. We are a consulting agency specialized in project and change management. VroomHR works with proven methods and techniques that increase the willingness to change and adoption of the new way of working by users. We understand what HR, managers and employees need and help to get the most out of Cornerstone.

Is your organization considering a Cornerstone implementation or is Cornerstone already in use but not to your satisfaction? Vroom can help. Contact Howard Woei and discover what we can do for your business!