Talentsoft implementation

Talentsoft implementation

Your organization is considering to acquire Talentsoft or you have already decided to do so. Due to its comprehensive functionalities in the area of talent management, many organizations preceded you. If you opt for the professional guidance of Vroom during the Talentsoft implementation, you can be sure the Talentsoft package will be used optimally.

Why VroomHR?

Agile Talentsoft implementation and aftercare
Agile Talentsoft® implementation and aftercare
With our entrepreneurial DNA we have a customer focus to create solutions which suits your needs. Our experts combine HR business know-how with Talentsoft® solution expertise.

We build, test, check, adjust & deliver according your requirements.

Interim Customer Solution Architects
Interim Customer Solution Architects
We maintain an up-to-date certified level of Talentsoft® expertise and a solid network of temporary HR Tech experts in the Benelux.

With our VroomHR best practice approach we can introduce a Project Manager or System Administrator in a matter of days, and speed up the implementation process.

Customer Care PLUS
Customer Care PLUS
A digital transformation can be a challenge for the business and HR. Proper ownership is key for a great user experience and the adoption during the first months. VroomHR offers this extra service.

We work in teams to ensure there are always consultants available for onsite extra training, how2 movies, remote support, process improvement or professional guidance during your digital transformation.

Get more out of your Talentsoft Implementation

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The many capabilities of Talentsoft

Talentsoft has an extensive range of possibilities that covers every aspect of talent management. The foundation of Talentsoft consists of core HR, supplementary modules include Recruitment, Learning and Performance. With these modules you can compose a total package that forms an ideal solution for your organization.

The basis of a succesful implementation is not just a technically well-functioning system. Talentsoft will have to correspond with your desired way of working and your users will have to be able to manage the system. Focus is not only needed for technique, but also for the changes in procedures. It also requires time and effort to get to know the new system. Does your work method match the best practices of the supplier? If necessary, we will adjust your procedures or reorganize the software. Vroom is an experienced Talentsoft consultancy partner in The Netherlands and is happy to help with questions that may rise during the implementation.

The impact of a Talentsoft implementation

A Talentsoft implementation affects the entire organization. HR will have a better grasp and more insight in talent related affairs, which enables them to support the business more effectively. Your employees will get a 24/7 access to an HR environment, which increases their involvement in their personal development and your company.

During a Talentsoft implementation our HR project leader not only ensures the coordination with the supplier and technical implementation of the system. We also provide a broad support within your organization. After all, the system only functions properly when everybody handles it correctly.

Digitization can be a big step. Employees can feel overwhelmed by all the new options and experience uncertainty when expectations aren’t communicated clearly. As none other, Vroom understands this and provides professional guidance in order to help people understand the necessity and usefulness of the change.

Projectbenadering implementatie Talentsoft
All the steps are completed to guarantee an optimal Talentsoft implementation

Vroom as project and change manager

Vroom is more than just a company with certified Talentsoft consultants. We are a specialized
consulting agency that realizes HR ambitions with the help of IT solutions. We understand what HR, managers and employees need and help to get the most out of Talensoft.

Is your organization considering a Talentsoft implementation or is Talensoft already in use but not to your satisfaction? Vroom can help.

Contact Daan Degenkamp or Ruben van Geffen and discover what we can do for your business!