Talentsoft Quick Scan: get more from your HR system

Is your Talentsoft HR system still aligned with your HR process?

HR processes are constantly evolving. Due to organizational changes. Due to trends and developments in the field of HR. But also because from time to time new functionalities are added to the Talentsoft modules you use. It is our experience that, on average, after 1 or 2 years the HR needs of a company start to diverge from the way the HR system is used. This makes it important to regularly review if your HR system still fits your HR processes and needs. And whether or not you use all relevant possibilities in the HR software?

Are you actively looking for ways to optimize the use of Talentsoft?
The Talentsoft Quick Scan enables you to find out if you can get even more out of your HR system. For example, by adding new options such as continuous feedback or integration with Microsoft Teams. Or by letting employees drive their own development using the right Learning & Development tools.

Why the Talentsoft Quick Scan?

  • Simplify the work of managers, employees and HR professionals.
  • Explore ways to use your HR system smarter.
  • Discover new Talentsoft functionalities that can improve your HR organization.
  • Benefit from the in-depth HR Tech knowledge of our experienced consultants.
  • Easily optimize your HR system with our Talentsoft quick wins.

How does the Talentsoft Quick Scan work?

The Talentsoft Quick Scan is not a standard questionnaire completed by you. It is an in-depth analysis, conducted by our experienced VroomHR Talentsoft consultants, that gives you real insight into how to get more out of your HR system. For example by refreshing the way of working, improving workflows, creating instructions, training managers, preparing performance campaigns, etc.

The quick scan includes:

  • Desk research based on documentation and input about your organizational and HR environment.
  • (Online) meeting to discuss your ambitions, bottlenecks and ideas.
  • Tailor-made advice on possible improvements, required resources and lead times.
  • Optional: a detailed advice in PowerPoint or a report afterwards.
  • A clear view of which improvements you can make yourself and which VroomHR services match your situation.

Making the most of your HR system with the Talentsoft Quick Scan

Do you work with Talentsoft? And do you feel that you can make better use of the system? Order the Talentsoft Quick Scan now for free. It will only cost you a limited amount of time. You will receive an analysis and step-by-step plan to get the most out of your Talentsoft investment.

Limited summer offer: first analysis for free

Until 12 november 2020, VroomHR offers this quick scan on a no cure no pay basis. In 4 hours time, we identify the possible improvements in your Talentsoft system and analyze how these can be achieved. You will receive this first analysis as a gift from VroomHR. No improvement options found? That’s great! Then you will receive the results of the quick scan free of charge. Interested in further research or in realizing the improvements? In that case, we will make a tailor-made offer for you. Do you have any questions, or would you like to make an appointment? Please contact your Talentsoft account manager for more information and fill in the form on this page.

VroomHR is Talentsoft Key Partner for the Benelux

The mission of VroomHR is to make HR perform even better. Talentsoft’s strategic modules fit this mission perfectly. As a certified Talentsoft partner (since 2018), we have already contributed to dozens of successful implementations of all Talentsoft modules. From Core HR and Recruitment to Performance Management and Learning Management.

With our knowledge and experience in the fields of HR and Tech, we ensure that you get maximum return from your HR system. Starting, for example, with a solid HR administration and user-friendly tools. This helps to increase the added value of HR: matching human capital with business demands, both in terms of quantity and quality.

New: VroomHR Advanced Services

We are happy to introduce VroomHR Advanced Services: a smart way to help you keep up with the latest trends in the field of HR and new Talentsoft features. For a monthly fee, we will:

  • actively monitor if your Talentsoft environment still meets your HR needs.
  • regularly update you on upcoming Talentsoft releases.
  • provide advice and adjust your new functionalities so you can benefit right away.
  • provide instructions on how to start using new features.

Interested? Please contact your VroomHR account manager for more information.