HR Business Partner

A good HR department is more than just an administrative branch of the organisation for personnel. HCM has everything it takes to be a valuable business partner to management. In many organisations employees are the engine of the business and an HR business partner keeps the engine running.

Of course you don’t have to professionalise your HR department all by yourself. Vroom is a company specialised in assisting HR departments and HR directors. By providing advice, training, projects and systems we can help your organisation take this important step too.

What is HR business partnership?

One of the most important matters a full-fledged HR department takes on is the translation of the corporate strategy into HR strategy. The growth the company wants and the growth in the market are directly related to the composition of the workforce. To be able to grow, to meet the demands of the market and to keep up with (or to stay ahead of) the competition, you need to have the right people for the right positions at the right time. HR has oversight of both the short and long term, and can thereby align with the corporate strategy.

With HR as a business partner you can also:

  •         Get insight on the costs and benefits of HCM;
  •         Spend less time on administration;
  •         Spend more time on value-added tasks.

This is a dramatic change from the traditional HR department but it is a very positive change indeed; the tasks of the HR employee and the HR director become more challenging and the HR department can contribute more to the organisation.

Vroom’s advantages

Vroom provides custom-made advisory services based on your unique organisation, situation and concerns. We can approach professionalisation from a variety of angles. Is there mainly a need for continued development of the workforce management or is the focus more on talent management? Do you need a project manager or do you already have a strong project manager in-house but need support in the form of an expert project coach?

Our consultants have excellent communication skills and can quickly make themselves at home in your company. In addition, we are well versed in HRM systems and system selection. We also have our own practical tools. For example we use the HR calculator in the development of the HR business partnership. This tool tracks process improvement.

Would you like to share your questions and concerns with us? We would be happy to help you achieve your goals. Please contact us to schedule an introductory meeting.