Workforce Management

If you want to have the right person for the right position at the right time, workforce management is a must. Workforce management (WFM) is a catch-all phrase for a variety of sorts of personnel planning in organisations. The goal of WFM is to as efficiently and effectively as possible align the demand for personnel with the number and quality of personnel available, now and into the future.

The demand for staff is mainly driven by the corporate strategy and the organisation itself. By implementing workforce management methodologies and resources organisations can get better results by reducing costs, increasing turnover and improving quality.

What does workforce management provide?

Gaining insight and maintaining oversight take time, but this investment pays for itself. When you have workforce management set up properly it provides:

  • More control over labour costs;
  • Greater continuity and quality in the delivery of goods and services to customers;
  • More direction and guidance for recruitment, education & training, management development, succession planning and mobility;
  • An HR strategy that is based on the needs of employees and the business.

See also strategic workforce planning and HR analytics for a complete analysis of your personnel.

Planning time frames with Vroom

We separate WFM into three tiers depending on the timeframe :

  • Strategic workforce planning – Long term 3 to 5 years
  • Tactical workforce planning–  Medium term 1 year
  • Operational workforce planning,  workforce planning – short term

All organisations have to deal with the first two types of workforce planning, but they aren’t always actively working on them. Operational workforce planning is particularly relevant for professions where scheduling and planning are crucial to the operational process e.g. retail, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, public transport and law enforcement.

Vroom can give you a helping hand at all three levels. We would be pleased to support you with advice, project management and change in the area of strategic workforce planning and operational workforce planning.

Our services in the area of workforce planning include the ‘Workforce Planning Strategy‘ Workshop.
During this workshop we explore together the level of workforce management that is desired. With the WFM profiler developed by Vroom, we can help you visualise where your organisation is now and where you would like it to be. After we analyse the gap between the current and the desired level of development we can advise you on the appropriate actions needed to achieve your goals.

  • Project management/change management while implementing workforce planning. A successful implementation requires more than just a system that works. Also important are good communication, engagement, preparation and maintenance. Vroom provides project managers that support you during the technical implementation and embedment in the organisation.
  • Selection of supporting software/system/tooling.

If you want to know more what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.