As of 2019 I started as a consultant with Vroom, helping customers to design their software so as to support HR processes. The purpose of this is to improve the efficiency and quality of a company’s HR services. Moreover, I help customers make decisions to reach a digital environment that best fits the wants and needs of the company in question.

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in (strategic) HRM and I obtained my master’s degree specialised in internal strategy and consultancy. My current job entails a combination of the knowledge that I gathered throughout both of these studies. During my internships I gained experience in working with start-ups in addition to well-established organisations, whether in the profit or non-profit sector.

Analysing intricate situations and creating bespoke solutions for said circumstances with all parties involved is where I receive the most gratification from. For me, digitalisation of processes is vital to the improvement of HR services. Furthermore, it is possible to analyse the data that is produced and to guide processes based on such analyses. A critical eye and attention to detail is how I add value to the digital transformation of your organisation!