I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Paul Koopmanschap and I’m from the Netherlands. My present employer is Vroom Consultancy. I have been with Vroom for 8 years now, as HR and Payroll consultant. I can be deployed as a Compensation and Benefits officer, National or International Payroll consultant and HR consultant.

After high school, I have studied Labour Market Politics and HR at Intermediate Vocational Education. After that Personnel and Labour at the Higher Vocational Education (BA/BSc) in Amsterdam. In addition, I have followed a lot of courses and specialized myself in inter alia: pension, insurance, international mobility, global payroll and process management.

In my day job I act as a source of information in the field of tax legislation and regulations and labour law matters. I am also familiar with the EMEA social tax and regulations.

Over the years I’ve learned to understand why Business Process Management is important to any business. It helps me to understand what is done and why. The modern HR processes are measured and constantly monitored. You cannot change a process overnight, the principles of your HR ambition is essential. When you decide to purchase a new Payroll/HR system it’s recommendable to describe or redesign the HR processes.

Through globalization the labour market is no longer nationally or regionally limited. I see the changes also in my environment. More and more organisations go global. I support the organisations in describing the international processes of assignment, set up an international payroll cycle and help them to make a comparison between the compensation and benefits for the different countries.

Why Vroom? I became acquainted with Vroom during a meeting of the NIRPA. I realized I needed them for a next step in my career. Vroom gives me the challenge to work at different companies. Each project is a new challenge for me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.