Tali Droog

I joined Vroom as a consultant in 2018. In this role I motivate clients to reconsider their HR business processes and align it with the right IT solutions. Furthermore I train and provide guidance to end users.

In recent years I worked in the recruitment industry and gained experience in project management and HR, both in corporate and small businesses. This background enables me to adjust easily to different surroundings and understand my clients’ business. My knowledge of HR, substantiated by a bachelor degree in HR, and deep interest in my clients all come together in my position at Vroom. Vroom enables me to truly help customers find an IT solution that matches their HR ambition, unbiassed by suppliers.

Breaking down ingrained patterns and ways of thinking is what I thrive on. I consider change to be a shared responsibility of all stakeholders. Therefore I connect people and encourage interaction to create synergy. Together we can find solutions that really work and fit the client’s needs. Both their current and their future needs.