HR Consultancy

The corporate strategy has been determined and therefore the underlying goals for HR too. However, you might need some assistance in getting from point A to point B. And what would be the impact of, for instance, outsourcing the payroll administration, implementing a new HR system, an HRM system or process improvement? With more than 20 years of experience our consultants add great value as subject matter experts in HR IT and HR transformation.

The advantages of HR consultancy:

  • A fresh perspective from outside prevents tunnel vision.
  • Experience brings expertise; we know what choices have which consequences.
  • Vroom offers experienced project managers and expert project coaches and can adapt to fit your needs.
  • Vroom is familiar with all the various types of software in order to thoroughly and effectively automate your HR department.

HR Consultancy Process

Before you decide about processes or automation, it’s critical to first know what your goals are. In a one day HR Strategy Workshop we’ll develop a shared vision and prioritisation. At the same time we´ll translate that into the desired organisational structure, process design and system support with special attention to the usefulness, the need and the risks involved with the change.

It’s a good idea to build a Business Case to substantiate this investment decision. The Business Case gives insight into the costs and benefits and the feasibility of one or more specific solution scenarios. It could, for instance, be a simple cost comparison between the current and the expected future costs for payroll processing. Or a more complex calculation such as how much time and money will the implementation of self service and an HRM system save us?

Now the first steps of your HR consultancy project have been taken. The common vision and prioritisation have been determined and we’ve justified the investment decision. Now we can get started with the Fit-GAP analysis.

Fit-GAP Analysis

During a Fit-GAP analysis we take an inventory of your company’s requirements and analyse how well potential solutions meet those requirements. We indicate the extent to which the solutions align with your processes and desired outcomes and identify areas where they don’t. We also give our opinion on the best way to close this ‘gap’. It could mean a change in your business processes, an extra interface or potentially a client-specific system modification.

Do you think HR consultancy can help your organisation? Please contact us today. We would be happy to talk with you about how we can help.