HR Project Manager

An HR project manager has a thorough understanding of HR and ICT. Combining the best of both worlds provides an efficiency boost and makes your HR department more professional. Because HR staff often know too little about ICT and the IT staff don’t have enough familiarity with HR, it’s worth bringing an external HR project manager in-house in order to achieve your HR goals.

A well-led HR ICT project stays within the established budget, meets deadlines and provides the desired results. Vroom can provide all of it. Our experienced consultants have led and assisted many HR projects. They bring knowledge and expertise to the table and can emphatise with your organisation. We take the time to listen to you because understanding your organisation is important to us and vital to our success. Together we can make your HR more professional, more effective and more efficient.


To reach true HRM or company-wide automation, external support is usually more effective than an internal HR project manager, often due to lack of staff. There’s no single HR advisor or ICT manager that can just “add on” such an HR ICT project. In addition, a fresh perspective from outside helps by looking critically at the usefulness and necessity of all the activities: ‘Because we’ve always done it that way’, is never our starting point in an HR project. Perhaps you have a person in-house who can lead this sort of project, but you’d like a little extra expertise, support and a fresh perspective? Our HR project coaches bring their knowledge and experience along to support the project manager and help him or her to excel.

Vroom HR project manager profile

The success of an HR ICT project requires an HR project manager with knowledge and experience in both HR and ICT. All our senior HR consultants share the following qualities:

  • They have a deep understanding of what HRM systems can and can’t do for you;
  • They know how to integrate new systems with existing systems;
  • They know which process improvements are possible and realistic;
  • They have the needs of HR’s clients in mind: managers and employees need to feel the benefit.
  • They can evaluate tasks and responsibilities.

All these things together assure that an HR project is truly “managed”.


Our HR ICT project managers have years of experience as HR professionals and have successfully led HR projects in a variety of industries even before they came to work for Vroom. In addition to HR expertise and HRM project experience, Vroom project managers are also trained in methodologies like Prince2, change management and process improvement. Proficiency in technology and HR processes is often not enough to implement a new set of procedures. Resistance to change must be addressed in addition to the question of whether the solution fits the culture and there is sufficient employee buy-in. Vroom addresses these issues and makes sure everyone is engaged in the change process.

Interim support

For temporary support with HR projects or a lack of capacity, Vroom can provide the right interim professional.

Vroom consultants can be deployed for temporary assignments at the intersection of HR and ICT or organisational design. In some instances when a subject matter expert is needed in a specialty outside the realm of our own people, we use individual consultants (Vroom Flex Consultants). These independent consultants have been personally screened and work according to the high quality standards Vroom requires. Interim assignments we frequently fill include:

  • HR Systems and Process Manager
  • HR Change Manager
  • HR Process Manager
  • HR Project Manager
  • HRM project manager

Do you have temporary need of an HR Business Partner or HR manager?
Our interim managers are knowledgeable, committed and practical.

Are you looking for an:

  • All-round HR professional to lead the HR department, an organisational change or HR project?
  • HR business partner with strong subject matter expertise and a fresh approach, determination and creativity?
  • HR specialist for HR analytics, C&B, MD/Talent Management or Payroll?
  • Payroll manager with international experience?

We can visit you to talk through the potential project, usually even the same day. After a careful selection you’ll be in conversation with potential candidates in just a few days. Within one week you’ll be working with the most suitable HR Interim Professional.

We offer the solution: the expertise you need at competitive rates and throughout the Netherlands. Please contact us if you are looking for management or support for an HR project. Together we can achieve your goals.