HR Software Selection

There’s no such thing as the “best” HR software, but there is software that fits your organization the best. Vroom is a vendor-neutral HR specialist. Our consultants search together with you for the best solution. We look closely at your organisation, your HR goals and limitations, and especially at the possibilities.

The most important questions to address when selecting an HR software are:

  • What type of vendor am I looking for?
  • In-house, in-service, BPO· What is our IT policy, i.e. cloud or on-premises software?
  • Which system aligns best with my HR goals?
  • What functional and technical requirements does the HRM system have to meet?
  • How much do I have to invest and what exactly will I get from it?
  • What are possible alternatives?
  • How can we identify the differences among the suppliers?

Different systems

The procurement and system selection process will affect a wide range of HR systems, such as:

  • Personnel administration and payroll administration
  • Work scheduling and time records
  • HRM systems
  • Absence management systems
  • Training systems
  • Talent management systems

Approach for selecting HR software

Based on your HR ambition and the answers on the important selection questions (see above) we create a shortlist of potential HR ICT systems and vendors. After we put the suppliers through our Proof of Concept exercise, we help determine the HR system that’s the best fit for your organisation. We round off the process by helping you finalise the contract with the selected vendor.

Of course we can also assist on a broader level, where it’s no longer about the choice of software, but for instance process improvement or talent development.

In addition to meeting your requirements and wishes (RFP) we use a Proof of Concept

With our tools we can identify your requirements and desired outcomes relatively quickly based on your HR goals. Comparing the proposals from the vendors based on your requirements is an important first step, but it doesn’t give you the whole picture. A complex demo on a client-specific case (also called Proof Of Concept or POC), gives insight into, among other things, the user friendliness, flexibility and responsiveness of each supplier. Vroom has developed an approach to make this relatively subjective phase objective by giving out scores on a variety of components.

Would you like to meet with us to look together at which HR software best fits your organisation, budget and objectives? Please contact us and share your story.