Process Improvement

Internal processes are the glue holding an organisation together. Ideally, there are clear lines of communication, responsibilities are borne appropriately and the organisation runs smoothly and efficiently.  Vroom has helped more than 100 organisations with HR process improvement over the last 20 years. Nowhere else can you find so much expertise and experience in one place.

Process improvement takes place at the interface of ICT and HR. Organisations automate their processes to increase efficiency and improve quality. After a process improvement there are fewer errors and people find the necessary information more quickly. Increased efficiency results in time savings.

How do we get started?

Vroom offers a method to design HR processes interactively via an intensive process management workshop with your staff. Shortage of knowledge and experience isn’t a problem: we’re there to provide training and guidance.

In order to identify and visualise HR processes Vroom uses software like Mavim. This software provides support not just for the work of our consultants but also for you and your employees. It manages, connects, shares and improves all the organisation´s information. We also utilise our best practice HR processes. Easy for you, clear for your employees.


For process improvement to actually lead to the desired results, you need support and engagement. Your HR processes have to be known, recognised and complied with. Vroom enables this by making your HR processes available online. Users can give feedback and you get extensive reporting on their search behaviour and comments. That way the employee knows what happens with his question or suggestion and you know the status of its acceptance within your organisation.

Would you like to know what process improvement could mean for your organisation? Please contact us to discuss the potential efficiency and quality improvements we can make together.