The professionalisation of HR

You have one or more HR systems and every day a variety of clerical workers spend time entering HR data into them. And yet it appears that generating reports for middle and upper management still takes a lot of time and effort. Often the information doesn’t provide exactly what they need and there’s some doubt as to the reliability of the data. Does this sound familiar and would you like to change it?

As a vendor-neutral specialist Vroom can help you develop HR cockpits for employees, managers and upper management. Together with clients we have developed a best-practice roadmap for HR cockpits. With the help of this pragmatic plan your organisation can quickly access the desired HR key indicators.

HR cockpit roadmap

Key points on the roadmap:

  • Determine the dominant themes
  • Determine personnel categories
  • Determine work areas
  • Determine the value added of the personnel function
  • Develop a set of key indicators.

Less administration

PSA tasks can quickly add up to about 60% of HR’s costs, but the added value is exceptionally low. One reason for this lopsided relationship between the costs and benefits of PSA is all the paper processes, with lots of manual activities done at a relatively high (wage) cost. To improve the relationship between the costs and the added value of PSA, paper streams need to digitalised and manual tasks automated. This can provide significant cost savings up to 40%. In particular, the use of an HRM system in combination with an HR Shared Service Centre can make this possible.

While is sounds simple, it’s actually quite difficult to accomplish. Reasons include, among others, a lack of experience with process improvement and lack of information about the (ICT) possibilities for HR. In addition it’s often difficult to build a compelling Business Case for an HRM system and get it approved without outside support.

We can help you create efficient automated processes. We use our own developed and proven approach and tools such as the Willingness to Change questionnaire, best practice HR processes and a tool for process improvement.