HR Support

As the HCM department, you also have clients: all the employees of your organisation. Of course you want to provide these clients with the best service possible. Vroom has years of experience helping HR departments structure their services as efficiently as possible. We can help you realise your goal to successfully design and implement a professional HR department with proven added value for the organisation.

HR support includes the service process, such as the helpdesk, that employees can use for HR-related questions. The HR helpdesk or HR Contact Centre is the second option for an employee to find help according to the click-call-face principle. Ideally the HR portal offers an online knowledge bank where employees can find the desired information themselves. HR Service Delivery encompasses the ways an organisation provides HR services to employees. This includes looking at the structure of the organisation (e.g. the click-call-face model), use of ICT systems, insight into the quality and performance of the services and the communication between HR and employees.

HR can improve

In these challenging times of cost cutting and pressure for efficiencies, there’s increasing interest in automating HR processes. Many organisations are considering reorganizing their HR support. And they should; a professional HR help desk offers a lot of advantages.

But we assume your objective is to do more than just automate the flow of forms and documents. In other words, an HR objective that in addition to creating a more efficient process, will lead to a change in responsibilities. In this way HCM evolves in to less managerial work and more focus on its role as business partner for management. Increasing the self-reliance of managers and employees is an important element in this process. That’s why HR support has to address the whole organisation and it is therefore an important change initiative.

Vroom services

Vroom can help you design your HR services as efficiently as possible, measure their performance and communicate about them to the users with the following methods:

  • Workshop: Strategy determination with GAP analysis: where are we (currently), and where do we want to be (future) and why?
  • Turn strategy into a plan of action
  • Adjust the organisational structure (implement click-call-face)
  • Create product/services catalogue
  • Improve Processes
  • Performance and employee satisfaction surveys: why, what, how, how often?
  • Selection and implementation of HRM system
  • Roll out new way of working
  • Create Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

We can take complete responsibility for the desired transformation of your HR into an efficient, measurable service. This can be accomplished by hiring a Vroom HR Project manager or subject matter expert.

If you have an internal project manager available, Vroom can also support him/her with an HR project coach to fill in any gaps in knowledge or capabilities.

Do you have questions about the efficient design of HR support? Provide your contactinformation and we will get in touch with you for an introductory meeting.