How do we roll out an HRM system?

The automation of HCM affects the entire organisation. In addition to the HR department we also need to involve ICT of course. They have to implement activities and ensure that Management Self Service and Employee Self Service (MSS/ESS) are technically feasible. Facilitating that is one thing, but the managers and employees also have to be willing to work with them.

There are different categories of users such as management, employees and an absence administrator. In the new situation there may be more HR functions given to them. Together we ensure that the various users see and recognise the added value of HRM, with the end goal of adopting the changes.

Change management

To create support for change and ensure that management and employees will adapt to working in the new manner, you need change management. However how to achieve this is not clear cut and is beyond all facets of an ICT application. In the last 20 years Vroom has helped more than 250 organisations successfully bring about change. Our approach is pragmatic and thorough. It works as follows:

  • Make the Diagnosis

We answer questions like: `What needs to change, where is it happening, who is involved and will the change be experienced as an opportunity or as a solution to a problem?’

  • Determine the change strategy

In the Business Case we broaden the questions and dig deeper into the answers. Breadth could include, for example: ´How do we bring people in action and how do we deal with resistance to change?’. Depth could include ‘Which processes are going to be different?’.

Formulate comprehensive change plan

Step 1:

Develop the change initiative into a phased change program including activities and projects aimed at establishing and maintaining willingness to change, training and development and space to learn from mistakes along the way.

Step 2:

Arrange staffing: who will create the change and who will provide leadership? Of course IT will continue to play a key role in the change initiative. HR software selection is always based on a pragmatic approach to find appropriate systems that can be implemented.

Determine, implement and monitor the detailed change plan

  • Design the change process such that progress is regularly reported, the initiative stays on track and support for it is maintained or increased.
  • Communicate about the progress regularly, so all stakeholders stay informed in the right way at the right time and even small successes are shared and rewarded.

Implementation support

Has the HR system been selected and installed, but things aren’t going as you thought they would? The capacity and time necessary to successfully carry out an HRM implementation are often underestimated. Vroom can help you on a variety of fronts with implementation support.

A thorough implementation plan which clearly states how the project can be completed successfully within the stipulated time and budget is critically important. Good project management requires an extra effort of two to three days per week for six months. For most clients this is impossible to combine with their regular workload. Depending on your internal capacity you can hire Vroom in as advisor, project manager or operational support.


Perhaps you don’t have enough HRM system implementation expertise in-house but you would like to develop it internally. That’s an option, especially if you have enough time and money, and the project doesn’t have to be finished by a certain date. You should then plan on it taking up to two years and adjust your expectations regularly.

An alternative is to add one of our experienced consultants to the work group, with the assignment to facilitate the learning process and accelerate it, without your employees feeling rushed or pressured. You keep control over the timeframe and we provide a steeper learning curve with our project coach.

Project manager

It takes a project manager an average of two to three days per week for six months for a basic HRM system implementation. After that personnel administration and payroll administration are operational (phase 1). We don’t just provide a Prince II certified consultant that delivers quality work on time and within budget, but a true professional with subject matter expertise and change management experience. The result is that after phase 1 your organisation can immediately start with the implementation of value-added HR processes.

Operational support

If your own people don’t have time for implementation activities, then they need to be freed up. We can provide both HR consultants and Payroll consultants at an operational level, senior level or, of course, somewhere in-between. For more information take a look at our employee profiles.

Together we´ll decide how the interim assignment should be structured, if it needs to be phased in and what the investment will cost. And the benefits will not just be monetary: when your own people are involved and communicate about the implementation, it remains “their” project, so they bring “their” clients (your organisation) along in the change process.

We would be happy to take a look together at the possibilities an HRM system can offer your organisation. Please contact us to find out how we can help you with HR process improvement.