Talent Management

Talent ManagementEmployees are often the actual capital of an organisation. Your company’s knowledge and experience is embedded in your employees. With the prospect of an ageing population that is capital you need to protect, and above all continue to grow, with talent management. It’s how you keep, motivate and engage your employees.

As an HR professional you are involved in all kinds of issues regarding mobility, increasing employee cross-functionality, identifying potentials and motivating and engaging employees. Vroom can help with talent management. Together we can create a comprehensive overview and clear step by step plans, so employees get appropriate tasks and responsibilities that match their goals and capabilities.

The advantages of talent management:

  • Employees do the work they find rewarding, which makes them more satisfied;
  • their satisfaction contributes to a good work atmosphere and work ethic;
  • this results in your employees feeling more engaged with your organisation and more valued;
  • so you keep your capital;
  • and you won’t have to invest as much in recruitment, selection and onboarding of new employees.

How can Vroom help?

Vroom consultants can advise you on talent management issues by, for example, helping with process improvements in your recruitment or learning & development. For recruitment, feedback, e-learning, or performance management process, an HRM system is indispensable. Vroom can help improve your current HRM system or help with the selection of a new state-of-the-art application or app. If you lack sufficient internal resources or capabilities, you can also hire us to complete the entire project for you. In that case we are not just the external subject matter expert but we also provide the implementation and internal project management.

Vroom can help with the following:

  • Creation of a talent management strategy (in collaboration with RvdB);
  • Process improvement of your talent management;
  • Selection and implementation of a talent management system;
  • Facilitation of a process for self-led growth and development;
  • Creation of opportunities for E-learning.

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HRM Systems

Obviously talent can’t be developed without the right personal support and guidance. To support this process you need a talent management system. Vroom can select the most appropriate HRM system for your organisation. The ideal talent management system enables you to efficiently and effectively fulfill the role of business partner. If you provide your management with comprehensive employee information, they are able to make the right decisions. This means being able to objectively quantify your employees’ potential, performance and capabilities.

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