How do we get started with talent management?

Talent management: it sounds good, but how do you identify potentials, develop them and find the right spot for them in the organisation? Vroom helps you step by step to build a specific and realistic plan, focused on results.

Good talent management takes time and a lot of patience. But it’s worth it as the payoff is huge. Employees feel valued and are more productive. You keep people motivated and that translates into a quality workforce for the long term.

Talent management belongs on the agenda

With the prospect of an ageing population you as an HR professional are involved in all kinds of issues regarding mobility, increasing employee cross-functionality, identifying potentials and motivating and engaging employees.

A talent management system give you the support to effectively and efficiently fulfill the role of business partner. Your providing comprehensive information about employees to management enables them to make the right decisions. This means objectively identifying employees’ potential, performance and competencies.

HR Strategy Workshop

Have your vision and goals not yet been identified or shared? In a one-day workshop we’ll develop a shared vision and prioritisation. At the same time we´ll translate that into the desired organisational structure, process design and system support, with special attention to the usefulness, the need and the risks involved with the change. Before you decide about processes or automation, it’s critical to first have a clear understanding of what your goals are. Vroom helps you to formulate them in a pragmatic way.

Structured interviews

It’s not always practical to get the entire management team around the table. We can also interview people individually and discuss the results together in a short meeting.


A shared vision forms a good basis for the creation of buy-in and justification for use of budget and internal hours. The next steps are decisions on organisational design, process design and system choice.

Selecting an HRM system is difficult

The market for HRM systems is evolving rapidly. Clever start-ups are popping up in the market at the same time there is consolidation underway among the big players. The large number of suppliers providing Talent Management systems makes it difficult to make the right choice. Selecting the best-fitting system is also challenging as it requires experience and skills you don’t use every day. Specialists can help you in this regard. You can prepare yourself for the selection process by studying the differences among the vendors in the areas of competency management, performance management and succession planning. Which short list of vendors is interesting for you depends on how far you’ve developed your own talent management program and what your goals are.

Together with Atos and Deloitte Consulting Vroom carried out broad research including all the Talent Management systems in the Netherlands. Based on their findings the research team developed the “Fit for Purpose” model. It provides vendors and users (potential buyers of this sort of system) an overview of the trade-off between functionality and ambition.

Vroom support

We can help you assess your talent and motivate and engage your employees by identifying tasks and responsibilities that match their goals and competencies. You need a talent management system to help you do this. We can help you select the software best suited to your organisation. Read more about this at HRM system selection.

If you lack sufficient internal resources or capabilities, you can also hire us in to complete the entire project for you. In that case we are not just the external subject matter expert but we also provide the implementation and internal project management. You can hire in a Vroom HR Project manager for this.